The Combined Retired Union Members was set up so that retired people can continue to participate in union matters. We liaise with other unions and their retired members groups, and support their campaigns. 

CRUMA has set up this web site to present information from our experience of the trade union movement and the fight for rights at work for all Australians. Also this is a site to hold discussions on the evolving politics in Australia and world events.

Rally public housing evictions at Millers Pt

Cruma joined the protext against tenant relocation process at Millter Point.

Millers Point public housing tenant Florence Seckold buried her husband last Tuesday. ''Wednesday we got the eviction notice,'' the 80-year-old said.

Do not privatise Australia Post

This January 2014 meeting of the Combined Retired Union Members Association notes media reports regarding suggestions for the privatisation of Australia Post and other of the few remaining government assets belonging to the public. This meeting wholeheartedly, loudly and actively endorses our ACTU President Ged Kearney in her expressed opposition to the privatisation of any further public assets.

New Election Now

This January 2014 Combined retired Union Members Associaiton takes the view that given alreadying in the first 100 days of the Abbott government, it is clear that it mislead and decieved citizens into voting it into government and into office; to the extent that withour which, it woul not ahve been elected, therefore there ought to be for the first time ever in Australia a united mobilisation down to Canberra oppsoign the di

Taking on the Fourth Estate

 Those who own and or control the means of instantanious mass communications dictate to society: it amounts to in practice the dictatorship of the few over the many.  In a social democracy why should the Murdoch family have more say than all of the rest of us put together.

where has all the revenue gone

  I think all the money has gone into the coffers of corporations and the public now has none.

Darling Point Green Bans

The CFMEU have declared a Green Ban on the Trees in Yarranabbe park, Darling Point. There was a small public gathering to proclaim the new action. Pictures: John Appleyard Wentworth Courier

The record of the Rudd and Gillard Labor governments

The Rudd Labor government 2007-10 was a hugely welcome change from the Howard Coalition government. We list here the achievements of this government:

  • Amended Work Choices to eliminated individual contracts, recognise collective bargaining as a basic right, restore workers right to object to unfair dismissal, and made new equal pay claims by women workers possible.
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