Do not privatise Australia Post

This January 2014 meeting of the Combined Retired Union Members Association notes media reports regarding suggestions for the privatisation of Australia Post and other of the few remaining government assets belonging to the public. This meeting wholeheartedly, loudly and actively endorses our ACTU President Ged Kearney in her expressed opposition to the privatisation of any further public assets.

Given that such sell offs weaken the government's and the public's powers to reign in the extremely undemocratic, abusive exercise of private corporate economic and political power, we firmly assert that a government which allows its essential services, utilities, facilities and amenities to be sold off to private corporations of capital, affectively has no control whatsoever over our nation's social and economic infrastructure. It is therefore effectively passing over to secretive private corporations of capital, the management and control of the nation's economy, which under existing law, their directors' primary duty is to their major investors. In short this would be, in a real sense, giving away our country's economic sovereignty to private as well as foreign private corporations of capital.

We call on the union movement as a whole to mobilise and unite, with other progressives in society, to get behind the ACTU President to prevent any further weakening of the government's independent power to manage the country economy for the benefit of its citizens and not that of the excessively wealthy private corporations of capital.