New Election Now

This January 2014 Combined retired Union Members Associaiton takes the view that given alreadying in the first 100 days of the Abbott government, it is clear that it mislead and decieved citizens into voting it into government and into office; to the extent that withour which, it woul not ahve been elected, therefore there ought to be for the first time ever in Australia a united mobilisation down to Canberra oppsoign the distroeted resultso the 6th of September 2013 elections, demaing the immediate calling as soon as is practical, for a new lection so as to ive the citizens a right to express, whetehr or not they will forgive the amout fo the Abbott government's false and mislearning conduct. There is also the added problem, that another elctions will allow citizend to show neighbouring counrie that we as citizens want o ahve good relations with them.